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I'm Susan--an artist, meditation coach, and writer. Welcome to this sanctuary for sensitive souls--a place for grownups to play with joyful mindfulness and abundant creativity.

Reclaim your wild wisdom.

Let yourself bloom!


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I am learning to celebrate and honor my sensitive self. Join me on this journey to wholeness and integrity 

 I sometimes struggle to feel comfortable being myself and to know that I'm "good enough."  Life in this harsh world isn't always easy for sensitive souls like me.

Creativity (AKA making stuff) and meditation bring me back to my authentic self. And the gift of spending time with children (as a mom and a 
Waldorf early childhood teacher) brings me back to the joy of play and to what makes my soul blossom. Like my art, I'm definitely a work in progress. Lucky for me that I spend so much time with wee ones who constantly remind me that it's really about process not product. 

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Soul Blossom Living Blog:
Filled with poetry, stories, art, and inspiration
Let Yourself Bloom
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Soul Blossom Kids

Has lots of great resources for parents of young children, based on my many years as a Waldorf early childhood teacher and my holistic and compassionate views on life and children.

Soul Blossom Kids

David Cordova

I’ve seen a transformation in every aspect of my life. Thank you, Victoria!

Some highlights from my blog 

The fairies in my garden--enjoying the magic of nature

The detritus of life--physical, emotional, spiritual

Oct 09, 2021

Finding home–some thoughts and poems about belonging

Oct 09, 2021

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Check out my free resources for parents

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Free resources for parents

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