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Welcome to my world of wonder and whimsy--a sanctuary for the sensitive soul!

Hi, I'm Susan Bruck


This is my Story

When I was a little girl, I didn't want to grow up. Being a grown-up looked serious and boring. But guess what--I grew up anyhow and am discovering how to nurture and honor the child in myself while also honoring the wisdom that comes with life experience and a life examined.

For a long time, I gave up any kind of artistic expression in my attempts to be a grown-up. I busily tried to be responsible and do what I thought was expected of me. As a very sensitive person, I tried to fit in in a world that is often insensitive and harsh.

But after getting laid off from my first "real" job as an attorney at Legal Aid (due to budget cuts), I started taking art classes at the junior college and my whole life changed--burst into color and joy (and pain, too, sometimes). But I felt alive again--and like my authentic self. I reclaimed that part of myself I thought I had to give up to be an adult (and discovered I was wrong--I could be a grown-up and still be me).

I learned, through meditation and art, to recognize where I end and others begin. I learned to set healthy boundaries and honor my own needs and desires while still caring for others.

t has been a wonderful adventure. Like all adventures, it's had its challenges, but it's been so amazing and I'm grateful for every bump, twist, and rainbow.

I love to do a lot of different things. What ties them all together for me are spirit and creativity. This includes meditation and art but also doing the best I can to bring awareness and beauty to everything I do. Some days it works better than others. But much of the joy is in the process. In striving and learning--and learning again.

I observe and listening deeply (I’m kind of an intense person!) and intend to inspire others--especially those who are very sensitive/empaths like me-- in this sometimes dark and scary world.

I’ve spent a lot of my working life (and parenting life) caring for young children. They inspire me and remind me of what’s important. And they’ve helped me nurture my own sense of wonder and whimsy, as well as the curiosity and desire to learn what it means to be human.

And I wish the same for you (with or without many little children)!

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