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The fairies in my garden--enjoying the magic of nature

nature poetry waldorf-inspired parenting wonder Oct 09, 2021
Fairies and the magic of nature

I have fairies in my garden. Do you?

This week I went back to school for the first time since mid-March. I’m just back 3 days a week for now. And I noticed 2 things–first, it’s great to be back with the children! I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I saw them again. Spending time with them helped me remember the magic that is all around. Like the fairies in my garden. Second–I’m exhausted. I’m out of practice for spending my day with kiddos. (Also, we’re outside most of the day and it’s really hot, especially in the afternoon, which adds to my tiredness).

The fairies in my garden.

the fairies in my garden
a fairy house built by my early childhood kids

I’ve also been going through my old journals looking for hidden treasures. I came across this poem a wrote about 5 years ago about the fairies in my garden. I polished it up a bit and thought I’d share it. I’d really like to illustrate it–but the day got away from me, so maybe next time!

I don’t remember thinking a lot about fairies when I was little, but I learned about fairies and gnomes when I took Gabi to parent-child classes at the Waldorf school. We built fairy houses and I found myself enchanted. I found this lovely little book–Are there fairies at the bottom of your garden? by Betsy Williams. It’s a charming little book–I highly recommend it if you love fairy lore. I shared this activity with my daughters and all of my classes–children and parents. We all loved it!

fairies in my garden
another fairy house


Do you have fairies in your garden? I do–the poem


What do the fairies do all day

In the garden in the sun?

They sing and dance, work and play

And all of it is fun.


I do not think they notice me

For they pay me no mind

But I can watch them endlessly

When it rains and when it shines.


They take care of leaves and flowers

They dust them with such ease

And wash their petals when it showers

Then dry them in the breeze.


In late afternoon, when the sun beams hot

They stop to drink their tea.

In the shade of the snapdragon’s flower pot

Fanned by the wings of bees.


But when the moon glows in the sky

And the children are snuggled in bed,

The fairies do not shut their eyes 

but dance all night instead.


The katydids play fiddles

While the nightingales sing

The night is filled with giggles

As the fairies dance in a ring.


I wish I were a fairy

Dancing through the night

To the starry music

That lets my heart take flight.

fairies in my garden
singing and dancing

More fairy magic

I recently posted a video on my YouTube Channel about the fairies washing day:

Here are the words (I’m not sure who wrote them):
Today is the fairies’ washing day,
With acorn caps for tubs
And tiny leaves for washboards,
Each fairy rubs and rubs.
The fairy sheets so white and fine
Upon the grass are lying.
The spider spins a line for them
And now those sheets are flying!

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